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Since the establishment of Yan Chai Hospital Wong Wha San Secondary School in 1999, we have always been advocating the importance of Information Technology not only in education, but also students’ knowledge of the latest information technology.
We strongly believe the importance of incorporating e-resources in promoting self-directed learning. Through the school-based Learning Management System, different departments reconstruct the curriculum to create space for the introduction of e-resources to cater for learner diversity. Thus, students are provided with the opportunities to develop the habit of self-directed learning so as to enhance their learning effectiveness.
In 2014-2015, a pilot scheme named “Hong Kong Education Citywide Campus Wi-Fi Initiative Pilot Scheme” was launched.


  • provide students with Wi-Fi coverage inside and outside school to foster learning and teaching which will no longer be bounded with walls of the classroom, mobile learning can thus be done with ease
  • be the first school in Hong Kong to expand the coverage of the wireless network to the local community
  • share the experience and good practice of this programme with other schools and local community as the long-term goal


  • By expanding the coverage of the wireless network to the local community and with mobile learning as one of the focuses of curriculum designs, students will be no longer bounded with the walls of the classroom. With the technical support of Altai Technologies Limited, Wi-Fi coverage in school and the infrastructure of the coverage in the community will be provided. To facilitate the activities of mobile learning, a tablet will be provided for each S.1 student of our school.
  • Adhering to our principal of “Serving the community in the spirit of benevolence”, workshops on the use of Wi-Fi and Apps will be conducted with the help of the local organizations so as to inform the local community the programme’s background and implementation.

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