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Teachers' Qualifications

All our teachers are high-brow, well-experienced and qualified, with tremendous vitality and creativeness to make use of multi-media and all-targeted ways of teaching leading to prominent effect well-appreciated by our students. Those who are responsible for senior classes are well-renowned enabling our students to excel in public examinations.



Teachers with students in their groups scoring 5 or above in HKDSE 2017 Teachers with students in their groups scoring 5 or above in HKDSE 2018
Miss AU Shui Ying Miss CHAN Man Man
Mr CHAN Chuen Tak Miss CHENG Ling Ling
Miss CHAN Man Man Miss CHEUNG Sin Yi
Miss CHAN Yin Ping Nicola Miss CHUNG Sin Yee
Miss CHENG Ling Ling Miss CHIU Sheung Yee
Mr CHEUNG Shun Miss CHIU Wing Yi Gloria
Miss CHIU Sheung Yee Miss CHOW Hiu Yan
Mr CHONG Wai Lung Miss IP Po Fung
Mr FOO Yun Wai  Mr KAM Ching Man
Mr FUNG Ting Chung Mr LAI Cheuk Ming
Mr LAI Cheuk Ming Miss LAI Yi Ying
Miss LAM Ling Yee Lennie Vice-principal LAU Man Shan
Miss LAU Kwai May Mr LEE Kai Chiu
Mr LEE Kai Chiu Miss LEUNG Tze Yan
Mr LEUNG Tak Yuen Mr LEUNG Wai Yan Raymond
Miss LEUNG Tze Yan Mr NG Tsz Kit Victor
Mr LEUNG Wai Yan Raymond Mr SO Hon Kong
Miss NG Chuen Sik Ida Miss TSANG Yuen Yiu
Mr NG Tsz Kit Victor Miss TSOI Yin Fei
Miss SIU Chui Chi Miss WONG Pui Sze
Mr SO Hon Kong  
Miss SO Moon Yee  
Mr TSANG Hing Cheung  
Miss WONG Ling Yu  


List of Teachers

Teachers Subjects
Vice-principal LAU Man Shan Chinese Language, Chinese History
Vice-principal MAN Ka Yin Mathematics
 Mr CHAN Ching Chak English Language, History
Mr CHAN Chuen Tak Chinese Language
Miss CHAN Man Man Physical Education
Miss CHAN Yin Fong English Language
Miss CHAN Yin Ping Nicola Liberal Studies, Chinese History
Mr CHAN Yiu Kwong Mathematics
Miss CHENG Ling Ling History
Mr CHENG Tin Fei Design and Technology, Other Learning Experiences, Integrated Science
Mr CHEUNG Chun Fai Information and Communication Technology, Physics, Integrated Science
Mr CHEUNG Shun Mathematics
Miss CHEUNG Sin Yi Mathematics
Miss CHIU Sheung Yee Visual Arts, Information and Communication Technology
Miss CHIU Wing Yi Gloria Mathematics
Miss CHOI Pui Min Chinese Language
Mr CHONG Wai Lung Chinese Language
Miss CHOW Hiu Yan Economics, Liberal Studies
Miss CHUNG Sin Yee Mathematics
Mr Daniel Peter MURPHY English Language
Mr FOO Yun Wai History, Liberal Studies
Mr FUNG Ting Chung Information and Communication Technology
Miss HUI Yuk Ling Music, English Language, Other Learning Experiences
Miss IP Po Fung Health Management and Social Care, Biology
Mr KAM Ching Man English Language
Miss KWEE Ching Ting Tany English Language 
Mr LAI Cheuk Ming Information and Communication Technology
Miss LAI Yi Ying Chinese Language
Miss LAM Ling Yee Lennie English Language
Miss LAM Wing Sum English Language
Miss LAU Kwai May Economics
Mr LEE Kai Chiu Physical Education
MIss LEUNG Kam Fung Home Economics, Chinese History, Other Learning Experiences
Mr LEUNG Tak Yuen Biology, Chemistry, Combined Science
Miss LEUNG Tze Yan Integrated Science, Combined Science, Chemistry
Mr LEUNG Wai Yan Raymond Chinese History
Mr LIU Wang Chun English Language
Mr LUI Kwok Wai Chinese Language
MIss MA Ka Wai English Language
Mr NG Tsz Kit Victor Physics, Integrated Science
Mr NG Wing Yan Guidance
Miss SHI Li Putonghua, Other Learning Experiences
Miss SIN Woon Yiu Liberal Studies, History
Miss SIU Chui Chi Liberal Studies
Mr SO Hon Kong Visual Arts
Miss SO Moon Yee Mathematics
Miss TO Ho Ying English Language
Mr TSANG Hing Cheung Mathematics
Miss TSANG Yuen Yiu Chinese Language
Miss TSOI Yin Fei Chinese Language, Chinese History
Mr TSUI Wai Lam English Language
Miss WONG Ling Yu Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, Liberal Studies
Miss WONG Pui Sze Integrated Science, Biology
Miss WONG Sau Nga Mathematics
Mr WONG Wai Lit Chinese Language
Miss YEUNG Chi Ching Maggie Chinese Language, Chinese History
Miss YIP Pui Yu English Language


Our teachers serve the society actively, and carry out the following duties:

  • Chairperson of Steering Committee, Hong Kong Distant Education Association
  • Chairperson, Hong Kong Distant Education Association
  • Vice Chairperson of Committee on Home-School Co-operation, Education and Manpower Bureau
  • Vice Chairperson of Chinese Language Committee, Hong Kong Examination and Assessment Authority
  • Member of Physics Committee, Hong Kong Examination and Assessment Authority
  • Guest writer of Liberal Studies page in MingPao and Hong Kong Economic Times

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